In times where new and highly ambitious DJ’s are continuously being brought forward, it's not easy to separate yourself from the herd. However, the search for individuality brings us straight to the music of a talented young artist. Let us introduce to LOVRA.

Born in the German provinces, Laura discovered her love for music in early childhood, her enthusiasm toward sound and tone slipping its way into her professional career path and enabling her to express her versatile creativity.

After studies in Design, Laura moved to Berlin, giving her the creative environment she was looking for. In the epicentre of artistic freedom, she found new impulses and ideas for her music. She says: “Berlin is a very open-minded city. To be able to meet and learn from inspiring new people on a daily basis and to be introduced to their opinions and perspectives is something that means a lot to me!”

By combining her attraction towards music from the eighties and nineties with her natural feeling for modern melodies, LOVRA creates her own distinctive sound. Her tracks are full with groovy house tunes, striking vocals and danceable beats. Driven by the curiosity for new sounds and the need to pay homage to the music of the past decades, LOVRA is well on track. 

Genres: House / Deep House

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