Martin 2 Smoove

Martin 2 Smoove

Open Format

During his time at university, Martin gained significant experience hosting parties and successfully launched his DJ career with legends such as Trevor Nelson, Jazzy Jeff, Shortee Blitz and Mark Ronson.

From flyering the streets outside late night clubs, to flying around the globe to play in some of the worlds best late night clubs, Martin 2 Smoove’s rise to prominence has been no mean feat. When Rihanna calls you “Londons hardest working DJ’, you know the 10 or so years you have committed to mastering your art, have all been worth it.

Martin is from the old school, still residing every Tuesday at the world Famous Ministry of Sound, he has never been one to shy away from hard work and underground Hip Hop parties. He currently features at a regular Hip Hop event at the Nottinghill arts Club and has a regular night called “dedicated to Kanye”, which is pretty self explanatory. 

If you are not the “clubbing” type, you can catch Martin regularly waxing the proverbial decks at London’s NIKE TOWN on Oxford street every Saturday between 12 – 6.

Since then, Martin has ticked more boxes than many even know about. Sure he’s Eve’s Official Tour DJ, of course the Guys at Gumball love him and officially made him their current Tour Rally DJ and it won’t surprise you that he has just started his first live radio slot on Capital FM every Friday night.

What you won’t know with Martins ability to scratch mix and cut up any genre from house to hip hop to to Rock and Dnb he is frequently requested to fly to secret locations to play for people we can’t even name, although I am sure David Cameron and Piers Morgan could use the Kudos of being in touch with the next generation of influencers. Beyond this, how many people do you know have been to the G8 summit let alone been their DJ for the night? That’s right, they have after parties too!

If you haven’t already heard of him on the circuit its probably due to his good nature, personality and truly humble approach to, whats generally considered the egotistical world of music and for that, he is truly “london’s best kept secret”.

Genres: Open Format

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